Privacy Policy

Cookies are small text files with information that are saved on your computer when you are visiting a webpage, (surfpads with internet access and phones are included).
Cookies are used to make webpages to work more effectively but also to give some information to the owner of a website. Cookies makes it possible to distinguish users from each other, which in itself can give the user a more positive experience of the website.

When you provide your personal information to us, you agree to Zoomin AB storing and using this information for business purposes and sending them to the retailer you have chosen.
Zoomin AB keeps a record of the group’s customers as well as consumers who have chosen to contact us. This registry contains names, contact telephone numbers, delivery and purchase information about customers’ products and serial numbers if products have been registered with us.
Data is collected via product requests, your comments to us and from the registration of products with us. The data is used by companies in the Zoomin AB Group for the delivery of products etc. and as a basis for statistics and marketing. The data is analysed and used for the selection, prioritisation and planning of communications with you. Marketing activities conducted via email and SMS are only conducted in an existing relationship or by consent.

You should always feel safe when providing personal data to the Zoomin AB and its subsidiaries. We do everything we can to protect your data from unauthorised access. All personal data processing is carried out pursuant to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
What is personal data?
Personal data is any information that can be linked to you as an individual. For example, your name, private email address, private telephone number, etc. Information linked to companies, such as company identification numbers, company telephone number, e-mail linked to company or position etc. are not considered personal data.
How does Zoomin AB process personal data?
Collection and consent Zoomin AB collects personal data through both digital and analogue channels (e.g. websites, fairs, customer meetings, by telephone, etc.). We always request your consent if we need to save your personal data for a specific purpose. Exceptions may take place:
- When we are obligated to store your data owing to legal requirements (e.g. the Swedish Accounting Act).
- When you or your company enters into a business relationship with us (legitimate interest). Use and purpose
We never collect more information than the situation requires and only for specific purposes. Such purposes include:
- providing a product or service
- marketing activities
- legal requirements
- recruitment
We have a policy not to process sensitive data, but this may occur. If you personally choose to provide us with that type of information, Zoomin AB considers that you have given your consent to the registration of the data in accordance with the purpose explicitly stated in conjunction with the submission of the data.
Zoomin AB’s website Zoomin AB’s website uses cookies. Learn more about cookies at Zoomin
Zoomin AB’s social media accounts
Personal data can and may be found on Zoomin AB’s social media accounts provided that it is uncategorised. Offensive/abusive comments and information containing sensitive personal data are not permitted. If such are identified, they will be reported to Zoomin AB’s marketing department or and promptly deleted.
External Systems/Suppliers
In cases where external partners have access to systems in which personal data is available, we have set up agreements to ensure that the data is processed and protected in a secure manner.
How long is personal data stored?
We store your personal data for as long as it is necessary to perform the task for which the personal data has been collected and saved.
Right of access
You have the right to request information regarding what personal data we process about you or your company. The request for information must be submitted in writing to the personal data controller in the Zoomin AB subsidiary/parent company applicable to your enquiry. Right to rectification and right of erasure
You may request, at any time, that rectifications be made to your personal data or request to be erased from our registry if you are unable to do so yourself. We will rectify or erase your data without undue delay. To request rectification or erasure, see contact details below. Please note that legal limitations and other regulations may exist which restrict your abovementioned rights.
Who should I contact regarding questions on personal data processing?
If you have any questions about Zoomin AB’s processing of personal data, please contact info@Zoomin Please note that personal data management is carried out per subsidiary/parent company and you may receive a speedier response if you specify the company/companies to which your request relates.
Changes to personal data provisions
Changes concerning personal data processing in Zoomin AB will be communicated on this website. Provisions may change owing to, for example, legislative amendments. However, if the processing of personal data is governed by a customer agreement, the contractual provisions apply until amended, unless these are irreconcilable with law or other legally binding provisions.